TLC Lab Supply – Awarded as the Best Cannabis/Hemp Testing Kits from 2019-2022 by Global Health & Pharma.

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They are Awarded Best Cannabis/Hemp Testing Kits from 2019-2022 by Global Health & Pharma.

Our all-in-one test kit for testing all the 4 Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN is easy to use with reliable results. Our Thin Layer Chromatography hemp test kits offer you rapid and 100% accurate results as compared to testing labs. Our hemp testing kits are in complete agreement with the WHO concerning the safety and quality of medicinal plant materials. More than one hundred and forty countries use this regulation.

With our Hemp test kits, you are working with an established testing process utilized for years by several countries to test all kinds of drugs. Our Hemp test kits are a cost-effective way to create accurate and consistent results.

Hemp test kits work on plant materials as well as oils, edibles, and tinctures. It is designed precisely for testing Marijuana. Our hemp test kit is a patented and registered product and was certified by the University of Leiden.

It will provide visual color indicators for the THC, THCV, CBG, CBNV, CBD substances, and more. Our test kit can provide a balanced product that provides a way for growers and producers to determine their products during the production procedure. With our hemp testing kit, the cannabinoids can be easily separated and recognized on specially impregnated TLC plates. If you want to know more about our Test Kits, consider visiting our website and reading our articles.

Finding Mold & Trichomes using an inexpensive Microscope in Cannabis & Hemp

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Mold is found on the flower tops (or buds) of marijuana and hemp plants. It is created when water is sitting on the plants and the sun or heat lamps shine on it which creates a visible black substance on the plant material. A lot of outside growers do not have the ability to control the amount of water that hits a plant. If it is rain or overhead watering this is not uncommon in larger grow sites, especially toward the fall for outside plants, rain is not unusual for that time of year. A lot of growers will go out after a rain and use a leaf blower to blow the water off the plants to avoid mold, but on larger plants it still can cause a problem so using a small USB Digital Microscope to find mold is the perfect solution.

It can be done while the plants are still in the ground. You can save photos of your results on a computer screen, tablet or phone; you can take photos or video and show them to your clients or keep them for future proof of your testing results. Any time you water an outside crop during a hot day you have the potential of sitting water on the plants and that also will promote mold, so it is advisable to check during your later stages of growing. Also indoor humidity will cause mold even if the plants are not continually watered so it is wise to routinely check for mold during any cannabis growing, it is also required in many states to have a mold check prior to any retail sales, This is done a lot times by using labs with  a 24 hour petri dish test  which takes time and  is costly. Some states require a lab test  but many just require that  you test for mold it is not required to go to  a lab to do this, a visible photo from the microscope has been sufficient in many states and our usb microscopes seem to be doing a good job we have had no negative feedback over the last 10+ years.

Spider Mites and Russet Mites these little critters can show up at any time  if you do not stay on top of your grow site, they are very small and at times hard to see until it is too late, again this is where our usb microscope comes in very handy to  help prevent these critters before they become destructive to your crop.


Trichomes are tiny hairs that emerge from the surface of the buds, stalks, stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. Many growers up until recently did not even pay any attention to them, know they are seen as a way to determine the best time to harvest your crop. They start to be very visible toward the end of the growing cycle and are now used by many as the way to get the highest potency of whatever you are growing, Hemp or Cannabis. Each grower has their own idea when it is the best time to harvest their crop. Again, this little usb microscope will show you on your computer screen great shots of the trichomes up close and very clear so you can pick the exact time to harvest your crop. It is also great to show clients their trichomes magnified and with very clear photos. Below is an example of magnified trichomes.

For $59.00 + Free shipping in the USA this is one tool that you should add to your grower’s tool box, visit our online store

Hemp, Growing, Testing and Harvesting – The Basics

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Order a private THC, CBD plant, and oil test kit.

Test your plants: starting the first couple weeks of flowering and get to know the rate at which the THC is increasing. Generally, in the last month, it increases by over double. If it was 0.2 THC on day 28 of flowering it would be 0.4 on day 56 and if you let it go another week or 2 it could increase up to 0.5. Seeding reduces resin production. Some experienced growers claim it does not lower THC much but decrease CBD production by 50% so you must still test early if you are seeding. The Department of Agriculture demands you test 30 days before harvest. Don’t test a day late if you don’t want to risk losing your entire field. Every week test and watch the increase in THC levels carefully. Then schedule an appointment with the Department of Agriculture tester and make sure they are at your farm testing by the time your private tests reach 0.18 THC. By the time they dry the flowers, the delta-9 THC level will rise perhaps 20-30% higher than when it was cut so take that into account. In Wisconsin farmers generally test the second or 3rd week of August. Then after your test, you get to grow 1 more month and you can harvest your crop even if the THC rises above 0.3! If you wish to legally sell the extracts of those hemp flowers in some states, you must have the THC and CBD separated by a processing facility so that your products will not test over the federal limit. Other companies will straight-up sell you CBD products with 1% THC in them without blinking an eye. As of lately, there have been minimal legal problems in doing this though I have heard of drug task forces auditing CBD dispensaries on all of their products and lots of interstate shipping seizures. If you want to find a strain with the maximum CBD legally allowed, then search for information about the THC: CBD ratios of the CBD hemp strains. 1:20 mean you could pull about 7% CBD by the time your plant reaches 0.3 THC while 1:40 would be about 14% CBD by the time it hits the legal limit of THC. Cherry Wine for example reaches 18.8% CBD while testing under 0.3% delta-9 THC. A very good ratio.

Harvest: Common practice is to harvest in the morning because a day of sunlight draws nutrients up into the buds causing the flowers to be harsher when smoked as well as other scientifically beneficial reasons. Also, it is good to flush your plants’ nutrients out with reverse osmosis water starting 3 weeks before you harvest. Water lets the salts break down then water again 5 minutes later to flush out all these excess nutrients that may make your flower taste harsh.

Curing: Hang the plant or branches in the dark with sugar leaves removed and good airflow. Not too dry of air and not too wet, the slower the cure the better unless you are using the dry ice method which takes only hours. After 1-3 weeks of hanging (depending on bud size) put in paper bags or breathable sacks for 3-5 months. Cannabinoid levels will rise another 20% or more when the stem pushes the last of its resin into the flowers.

Summary: CBD hemp flower sells by CBD percentage, so you want to test as late as possible while still ensuring you pass. $3.50 to $5 dollars per percentage point per pound is the current rate (March 2019). So, at 4 dollars per percentage point at 20% CBD flower would fetch 80 dollars per pound wholesale (outdoor grown). The greenhouse is of higher quality and fetches a higher price, while indoor can be sold in retail settings for thousands of dollars per pound. If your outdoor is processed into end products the profitability can rise many times. Phenotypes (slightly different varieties in each strain) and growing conditions have a lot to do with the potency of cannabinoids and terpenes but generally, the widely varied test results of each strain are because of this state-mandated practice of testing 1 month before harvest while any right-minded grower tests his bud when it is fully dried (2 months later) to see accurate end results.

HEMP the Plant that has become a farm product, regulated under the FDA rather than a Drug Enforcement -DEA regulated product

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                                Let’s face it does anybody know? Do you know what Hemp or Marijuana is?

The present USA laws state that Hemp is an industrial as well as medical farm plant and not a type of Marijuana plant. It was titled illicit previously by the federal government based on the false statement that Hemp also contained high levels of THC which is commonly found in Marijuana plants which is still a federally illicit Class-1 narcotic still even though with a medical license one can purchase high THC products legally in many parts of the USA.

The reality is a bit different. Hemp contains a lot less THC which has a bigger potency in a Marijuana plant and varies from plant to plant as does CBD in Hemp

Today, there are at least 40-70 potential medial cannabinoids in Marijuana plants and around 140 cannabinoids altogether in a single Marijuana plant. So, which plant will come out as the leader? Neither of them! They both have the same DNA structure so the fact that both plants have the same DNA, the government will have to decide how to approach these legal and confusing issues on a national level.

Hemp & Marijuana – Benefits of Both Plants

Hemp is a Marijuana plant that naturally creates a very small amount of THC. The plant creates its own balance of cannabinoids. If the plant contains higher CBD content, then the THC will be lower in the plant. It is great news for CBD product producers and manufacturers to find a plant with little THC. It’s a big plus point for them since most of the state presently requires less than 1% THC in any CBD products at this time produced.

On the other hand, the Marijuana plant grows as a male and female version and you can’t determine which it will be until it has grown for most of its life.

This is one of the reasons female Marijuana plants get cloned to create more female plants rather than start with the seed and wait for weeks to determine if it is female or male. Remember, female Marijuana plants have a high THC level which is why more people want it for recreational use, males do not.

Testing Is a Must for any Cannabis Plant or Product before use. Most legal countries and all states require cannabis testing to determine whether or not Cannabis products have high THC content. Most cannabis products should be tested legally to determine if you have less than 1% THC to be considered a legal CBD product. Testing of THC and CBD potency in all cannabis products before use is a common sense approach to determine the best use for your products or plant material.

There are labs installed with Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, and Thin Layer Chromatography. These are the three most commonly used cannabis testing methods followed worldwide depending on the testing choice.

TLC Lab Supply has been offering certified, THC, CBN, CBG, and CBD testing kits and supplies for testing cannabis plant materials and products worldwide. Testing of marijuana and Hemp using our TLC marijuana home test kit ensure consistent result and accuracy. Our cannabis testing kit is extremely affordable and is used by several industries currently.

Hemp-based products have successfully entered the retail industry and are now advertised frequently by pharmaceutical industries. If you are a grower or working in the cannabis industry; you need to be ready for a great opportunity! Get ready to test your cannabis products for accuracy in potency and consistency.

How to Test THC Presence in Cannabis?

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THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis. The presence of THC greatly contributes to the overall potency of the cannabis product. By testing THC in cannabis, you can quickly determine whether the drug you are using is potent or not. Mainly, for professional cannabis producers and medical marijuana patients, it is essential to check the potency of the cannabis, before using any products for medical use.

The best method to test the cannabis’s potency and to determine the % of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN is to use Cannabis testing kits. Instead of going to big laboratories and wasting both time and money, it is convenient to test marijuana samples with THC test kits. Simply order the cannabis testing kit online and start testing the potency of your drug.

Why it’s important to test THC levels in cannabis?

Being a psychoactive compound, THC can alter the perception of individuals. If the cannabis strain contains a  very high amount of THC, it can cause the consumer adverse effects. No doubt, the presence of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN in cannabis ensures health and medical benefits, but only when the level is balanced by other cannabinoids. Moreover, this is the reason, why doctors strictly recommend that medical marijuana patients make sure the THC in cannabis is suitable before consuming.

By using marijuana testing kits, it is feasible to test the potency of cannabis in a very short time and decide whether the cannabis product is suitable to consume or not.

Below here is a step-by-step procedure on how to test the THC levels in cannabis/marijuana products using THC testing kits.

  • Buy cannabis testing kit online – The THC test kits are available online at affordable prices. You can simply pay the amount through their secured payment options and can order your cannabis testing kit online.
  • Unwrap the testing kit and read the instruction manual – Mainly, a testing kit includes TLC plates, test fluids, coloring dyes, developing jars, a pipette, a syringe, micro-capillary tubes, and more. You will find an instruction manual mailed to you with your tracking number once your order is processed normally within 24 hrs., which you need to read thoroughly., it will also include the fingerprint chart. Make the setup and test the sample – As per the instructions, it is very easy to use the cannabis testing kit. For a better idea, you can watch our video tutorials at
  • Compare the result with the color chart – To determine the % of THC present in the cannabis sample, you will use the color charts. It takes only a few minutes to analyze the color changes and accordingly, you can calculate the presence of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN in the sample.

For more information regarding THC testing or cannabis testing kits, feel free to contact our experts.

Buy Cannabis Testing Kit Online and Start your own Mini-Lab Today

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There are many states in the USA, Canada, and other parts of the world, where medical marijuana patients and cannabis producers find it difficult to test the potency of marijuana products. Due to the unavailability of laboratories in the nearby areas. Doctors highly recommend that medical marijuana patients test the potency and composition of their cannabis products, before consuming them. Also, cannabis producers need to know the quality/potency of the cannabis for ensuring good quality products to their customers. Even research developers are looking to understand the behaviors of cannabis strains and cannabinoids, by testing them. However, when there is no way of testing, it leaves patients and producers at a disadvantage.

Mini Cannabis testing lab – A profitable business investment

If you are in such a region where you have no access to any cannabis testing laboratory,  or you feel that the results from the nearby testing labs are not accurate, then it’s recommended to start a mini cannabis testing lab.

You can simply buy our complete Thin Layer Chromatography mini lab online and create a small legal laboratory. You don’t need to apply for any pharmaceutical license as there are no standard federal regulations for cannabis testing except in your local area they may have created laws so make sure that it is legal for you to start a lab but we have clients with labs only using the testing kits worldwide. This is a good business to make some profitable income by helping individuals in need of products to be tested. Mainly, you can help medical patients and cannabis growers in determining the potency of cannabis products, and a lot of our clients have become 3rd party testing labs and field testers for hemp producers.

If there is no laboratory in your region, or you are not happy with the local lab results of your products. You can charge some nominal amount at your convenience and can run your cannabis testing lab for yourself and others. No need to worry about the initial investments in setting up the lab, as the cannabis testing mini-lab is available at an affordable price. All test kits and supplies are worldwide compliant, and Health Canada-approved.

Order the cannabis testing kits online

In our online store, we have got a 4-piece cannabis mini lab testing kit package for you. This package includes a test kit (about 80-100 tests), a USB digital microscope, a balanced scale, and a variable pipette + with 100 tips. With these four elements, you can do the cannabis testing on your own and determine the potency of the drug. Our THC test kits ensure consistent accuracy and thus are highly appreciated by our existing users. We have sold thousands of testing kits to our customers worldwide in the past nine years and have set a unique reputation in the market with great success.

To help you with the test, we provide an English instruction manual e-mailed to you with your USPS tracking number. You can also enroll in our TLC training classes to understand the principle and mechanisms of our testing kits. Our THC test kits are very beneficial and easy to use, and get a certification to test your products using our thin-layer chromatography testing kits and supplies.

For more information regarding the cannabis test kits, mail us at

Mobile Lab Testing – Coming To Your Area Soon

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The next step in cannabis testing is getting consistent results of your growing methods and results on-site or in your own mobile lab. Gas Chromatography and HP Liquid Chromatography machines are almost impossible to move around not to mention they all need electricity to run. With our testing kits and supplies from TLC Lab Supply, you perform accurate reliable testing results of plants and products from cannabis for the % of THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and more. YES, there is a proven method called Thin Layer Chromatography, that when cannabis and cannabis products are tested with our kits will provide an accurate % of each of these substances in anything that has more than 1 % cannabinoid in it, will show results on our TLC plates. Great for Hemp growers that want to make sure they are BELOW 1% (it will show a blank space on the TLC plate where a THC marker would be).

Great for all product producers who are in the middle of creating products and do not want to spend the time or money to use a lab every time they want to make a new product or change one, they can test right on the spot and have resulted in around 30 minutes.

Want a new line of work, start a mobile lab or if you are currently in the cannabis product production business this is something you cannot afford to do without.

Is In House Cannabis Testing Mini Lab, As Accurate As A Brick And Mortar Testing Lab?

June 8th, 2018 by

Marijuana Testing is done using different types of Chromatography equipment. Identifying the potency of Marijuana is of prime importance to everyone involved in the cannabis industry; however, machine lab testing and cannabis testing kits are currently the main methods to confirm the content of the product.

Lab Testing Machines Vs Chromatography Testing Kits

Testing for the accuracy of cannabis can be done at any high-profile laboratory, but since there are no current “TESTING STANDARDS” provided in the USA. The machines are used differently by each lab and each lab technician, so results vary from test to test, lab to lab. The prices can change as per the amount and demand for cannabis testing as well.

Our onsite lab testing kit has no cross-contamination and gives consistent results based on the weight of the sample every time, so the same sample will give consistently the same results.

Some labs provide shipping and pick-up facility also and add an overhead expense too. From transportation to shipping, everything will be charged as per convenience, and that could be a hard hit to your pocket, not to mention the time it takes for a lab to turn around results.

Thin Layer Chromatography Testing Kits (TLC)

The cannabis testing kits are a perfect startup for a mini-lab in the USA, Canada, and other countries that do not have labs available for testing products in their local areas or want better results. The kits are designed and developed to cater to the growing demands of enthusiastic growers, researchers, and others. Basically, TLC Lab Supply’s featured product the THC Test Kits is one of the finest testing kits out there because it eliminates all additional costs and inconveniences with lab cannabis drug testing.

Potential Perks of THC Test Kits over laboratory testing:

Ease of use – The cannabis testing kit is hand-fully designed for home growers. It works on plant materials as well as Oils, Edibles, and Tinctures. Any substance with more than 1% of a cannabinoid in it will be visible on the TLC plate. The ease of use makes the THC Marijuana testing kit best for testing many substances in cannabis. For Hemp growers it will show a blank space on the TLC plate were the THC marker would be.

Compatibility – The test kits are mini-laboratories for cannabis growers. It’s small in design, shape, and size and takes minimum space area, making it an ideal choice for onsite cannabis testing.

Configurations – The kit is available in separate sizes, which gives you the ability to pick the number of tests you need for your particular project, with refill kits available you have many choices to choose from. All kits provide the necessary equipment to test the number of tests provided in each kit.

Certification and Acknowledgement – The THC test kits are in full compliance with the World Health Organization, which includes the safety and quality of medicinal plant materials (WHO/PHARM/92.559). It qualifies for cGMP-compliant and U.S. Pharmacopoeia Convention Certified USP’s drug standards which are enforceable in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration and TK permit approved for Canada.

The Science Behind Cannabis Testing Kit – How it Works

This cannabis testing kit is based on the idea of Thin Layer Chromatography. Innovative technology allows us to get the best and most accurate result in no time. This kit tests the percentage of THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, & more in Marijuana Plants & Cannabis Products. It contains visual indicators and color-changing palettes that calculate the THC percentage, and amount of acids and poisons in cannabis drugs. The impregnated TLC plates help in separating and identifying the percentage content. The entire process is quite simple and does not cost a lot of money.

Growing marijuana for any personal and official purpose can be really exciting if you have the right tools and skills. At some point, you need to qualify for the accuracy of your products and there is no better way than testing with a cannabis testing kit from TLC Lab Supply.

Cannabis Testing is required in all 50 states -The Real Story

February 12th, 2018 by

Testing THC, CBD and more in Marijuana: The straight facts

Currently, there are 3 major mainstream ways of testing marijuana – (GC) Gas Chromatography, (HPLC) High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, and TLC or HPTLC) – High Protocol Thin Layer Chromatography. Here are some real facts from an independent study done to determine the value of each one of these testing procedures.

Comparison of these 3 types of testing, all using some sort of Chromatography testing, gives a person or company a better look at how each work since these methods have been determined the best way of testing cannabinoids (cannabinoids are substances present in marijuana which give the herb its distinct characteristics). They all use Chromatography which has been around for years and is taught in many colleges currently and used by most governments around the world for testing drugs for years. TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) has been used long before GC or HPLC machines were even thought of. TLC is used for all types of testing of food fertilizers, soils, and many other organic materials.

Our post on 3 lab testing has a lot of information on how all these testing procedures work and what will work best for you.

Whether you want to know what you are purchasing or growing or a small or large company making products it all needs to be tested. That is a worldwide requirement. You will be surprised by the results of this study and also learn a little more than you knew before.

Whether you are a cannabis grower or a medical user, our TLC kits are for you. If you are making products for the cannabis industry for CBD or other medicines to high THC plant material or recreational products like dabs or shatters, our TLC test kits will work for you. Any product with more than 1% cannabinoid in it will show up on our TLC plates. Take a look at the study.

Basics That You Should Know About Marijuana Testing

February 6th, 2018 by

At a time when medical marijuana is getting accepted in our society, it is fair to know the compounds which make up this unique plant. Marijuana or cannabis is one of the most talked about plant substances of our times. From fighting to legalize it to getting it available on the shelf of your neighborhood store, there have been several conversations about it. In the end, it is all about the consumption and the medical benefits marijuana hides. We are TLC Lab Supply  and we sell TLC ( Thin Layer Chromatography testing kits for THC, and CBD testing and  are dedicated to providing you an affordable yet accurate marijuana THC, CBD, CBG, CBN testing kit. So, what is it all about?

Marijuana CBD testing is an important step in knowing about the cannabinoids that will be used for the medical marijuana products.

What is CBD?

When we talk about cannabis, we should understand the compounds, which make it a unique plant. Cannabinoids are compounds which give cannabis plant its qualities. Though there are more than 80 cannabinoids present in marijuana, 2 of the most popular ones are THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for giving you the “happy high”. CBD, the second well-known cannabinoid is the one which has the most medicinal qualities. CBD or cannabidiol, with all its medical benefits, doesn’t offer a psychotropic effect. In fact, it lessens the effect of THC in the plant, as one   is more the other becomes less in plant material. For patients, looking for a relief from health issues like inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, psychosis, and many more, CBD is the cannabinoid of choice.

What are the test methods?

There are 3 commonly used methods for marijuana CBD testing – GC, HPLC, HPTLC. Out of the three, HPLC or High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography is the most popular lab test. The other methods Gas Chromatography and High Performing Thin Layer Chromatography are closely followed by. Though, at the root, three of them are almost similar owing to the use of silica to separate the cannabinoids from one another, there is a distinctive characteristic of each of the method that makes them unique. GC and HPLC are lab methods and hence, on the exorbitant side. HPTLC, however, is a method of marijuana CBD testing that works well at an affordable cost. Our test kits are based on HPTLC and are a practical for everyone starting from the breeders to the medicine manufacturers.

Since the consumption of medical marijuana is gaining traction, we should make it a point to get all the products tested. Marijuana CBD testing will help breeders and Hemp can see how low their  THC is while still getting a CBS result and medicine manufacturers know the quantity of CBD present in the strain. This will result in a better and more accurate medicine production.

Our marijuana testing kits are a worldwide approved product that helps everyone associated with medical marijuana. Get in touch with us  to know more.