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Can you determine how much THC is present in your cannabis strain? Well, it is difficult to analyze the THC% in cannabis, unless you test the samples. If you are buying cannabis products from a certified medical dispensary, you can check the label to read the “Total THC” composition. However, as there is no official industry standard for testing THC in Cannabis, different producers use different testing procedures and calculate the % of THC in different ways.

The most accurate way to determine the THC% in cannabis is to use our THC test kits You can order our testing kit online and test the potency of your cannabis products at home or on your job site. Our testing kits are easy to use and ensure error-free results within a short period. Commercial cannabis producers, as well as medical marijuana patients, highly appreciate the use of our cannabis testing kits. Instead of investing more money and time in testing the cannabis samples at the big laboratories, individuals find it convenient to test the cannabis product with our test kits. As the working principle of our THC test kits depends on the HPTLC technique, accuracy is ensured without any doubt.

Importance of Testing THC in Cannabis –

The effects of cannabis on the human body are indeed becoming more predictable. Scientists, who are researching cannabis products, have many questions regarding cannabis dosage and consumption. According to them, the behavior of cannabis strains depends on the presence of various cannabinoids. No doubt, THC and CBD are the two most current influencing cannabinoids present in cannabis. It is the ratio of THC and CBD, which directly contributes to the potency of the sample.

If the THC content of your cannabis is high, there are chances you may experience some euphoria side effects. For medical marijuana patients, doctors recommend testing THC% in cannabis before using. Another reason for testing THC% is to determine, whether the potency of the cannabis is suitable for each individual. It is very important to test the potency of cannabinoids before using them.

Use Our Test Kits and Determine the % of THC in Your Cannabis

We at TLC Lab Supply realized the difficulties of individuals in testing THC% in cannabis and thus introduced our THC test kits. Our test kits are small & portable, and you can easily use them at your or on-site. You don’t need any special talent to test the cannabis samples in our testing kits. Simply follow the instruction manual and initiate the cannabis testing procedure.

As compared to the lab testing expenses, it is cost-effective to test cannabis with our test kits. Again, it is not always feasible to test cannabis samples in laboratories. In many regions, there are no Cannabis laboratories, thus lab testing is not always a valid option. In such situations, it is viable to test the cannabis samples at home or your job site with our THC test kits. Visit our online store now and order a THC test kit as per your convenience. You will find all the necessary accessories and equipment in our online store only.

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