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CBD Test Kits on the Rise: Meeting Growing Demand in US Cannabis Testing

The Demand for marijuana CBD testing kits is increasing significantly in the US. Both consumers and growers are now using testing kits, instead of HPLC techniques, to test the potency of cannabis products. Our cannabis testing kits are keenly developed with the Thin Layer Chromatography principle and thus ensure fast & accurate results.

Whether you are a grower or a consumer, the potency of cannabis plays a vital role for both. It is essential to determine the potency of cannabis. If you are not aware of what’s the THC content of your cannabis, you cannot determine the overall strength or potency of your product. Well, this is the reason, why we sell this innovative Marijuana CBD testing kit.

Importance of Testing Cannabis’s Potency

Medical patients, who are consuming marijuana to get well, some are experiencing adverse results due to the lack of proper testing. On average, the THC levels of marijuana, according to the US Federal Government, the potency level has increased 10 to 25 times more in the past few decades. It’s not only about the increasing levels of THC, but the CBD levels are also degrading. In simple words, the cannabis plants which are available now are of higher potency and have higher THC contents.

To avoid any critical health conditions, it is recommended to test the cannabis samples with our marijuana CBD, and THC testing kits first

Factors Influencing Cannabis’s Potency -

If you are wondering, what’s the reason for the increase in cannabis’s potency , please go through the below-mentioned facts.

  • Climatic conditions – The conditions in which, cannabis plants are cultivated, play an essential role in enhancing the potency of cannabis. Mainly, climatic factors like soil, temperature, humidity, light, and UV rays contribute to the overall potency or strength of cannabis.
  • Plant genetics – The presence of THC is very high in the flowering heads and surrounding leaves of the cannabis plant. Well, the secretion of resins is influenced by the harvest time, sex of the plant, and environmental conditions. In general, the flowers contain 10-12% of THC, leaves have 1-2% THC, 0.1 -0.3 in the stalks, and less than 0.03 in the roots.
  • Cultivation – The way growers cultivate cannabis plants, also influences the THC contents of the product. As compared to Outdoor cultivations, intensive indoor cultivations result in sometimes a higher level of THC in cannabis. Some growers also cross-breed different plants to enhance the potency of cannabis products for better profit.
  • Type of product – The potency varies with different types of cannabis products. If you are dealing with herbs, then the potency will lie between 5 to 10%. The cannabis resins may contain up to 20% of THC contents or even more. And cannabis oil is the most potent product which can be around 60% of THC contents.

Well, now you must have got a clear idea about how the potency of cannabis products varies with different factors. Instead of getting confused with the potency aspects of marijuana, we recommend you buy our marijuana CBD test kits now and determine the overall potency of your drug.

Order THC, CBG, CBN, CBD Testing Kit & Accessories Online

No need to visit an HPLC/GC laboratory for testing your cannabis products anymore. Our marijuana CBD test kits are portable and ensure fast & accurate test results. You can easily use our test kits at home or the workplace, and effectively detect the presence of cannabinoids in your products or plants. Visit our online store now and choose from a wide variety of cannabis testing kits. If you want to start a minilab, then we have a special mini-lab kit for cannabis testing.

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