Ans: We have won many awards over the years and have been evaluated by some major business-like High Times Magazine and compared to qualified labs we have not been more than 1% variable in results.

Ans: Using the same method as testing plant material just having to leave the sample in the test tube until it mixes with our extraction fluid which will take longer depending on how much actual cannabis or hemp is mixed in the sample product will determine the amount of time our fluids will mix with your products.

Ans: Using out test kits and included potency testing charts and a separate chart to show you were each cannabinoid sits on the TLC plate makes it very easy to determine the potency results.

Ans: Our test kits show the results for THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and more in each test sample if the cannabinoids in your sample are more than 1%. If less than 1% (as currently needed for THC in hemp) there will be a blank space were that cannabinoid would show up based on the fingerprint chart included with the kits.

Ans:Make sure you leave your oil in the test tube until our extraction fluid mixes with your oil.You will turn your test tube upside down and where it comes to a point you will see our clear extraction fluid once it mixes with your substance you will move to the next step of testing.

Ans:Testing edibles is easy as testing straight plant material watch our website video. There are small changes in the amount of time your sample is left in the test tube.

Ans: Our kits start at $189.00 for 20-25 test. We carry larger kits all using Thin Layer Chromatography.All kits come with everything needed to test your plant or product materials.

Ans: Our kits test for THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, CBC, CBGM, CBND and acids if the sample has more than 1% of that cannabinoid in it.

Ans: Yes, the only difference is the amount of test there are in each kit


No, but Kits 1 & 2 have micro capillary tubes in them to transfer your sample from the reaction tube (test tube) to the TLC plate,

 It takes a little time for the sample to gravity flow up the glass tube and for hot testing you will need to put one sample spot on top of another (watch video) for someone who will be doing a  small amount of testing and is in no  hurry these work fine and  are used for many applications. Most of our commercial clients purchase our variable pipette which is very fast and accurate (see at our on-line store).it comes included in kit #3.

You will also need an accurate scale that goes as low as 0.05 (50mg) which is one of our sample weights.

Ans: Yes we ship worldwide on a daily bases, we ship FREE USPS priority in the USA and Puerto Rico, Currently there is a flat rate of $35.00 to Canada and $55.00 international – we pay the balance

Ans:  Yes but the current laws in the USA state that hemp must have less tha.3% THC. Our test kits go down to 1% so it would show a blank space on the TLC plate  were the THC marker would be ( see finger print chart under how the test kit works). It can Not tell you what the % is but it will tell you that it is less than 1% by being blank were the THC marker should sit. It will still give you the CBD readings if they are above 1%.

Note: We have many Hemp clients around the world in the USA many clients use the kits to watch for high thc levels during growth and they also have a test of their own to compare with  the  governments  results, in many states the government comes out to test the THC levels  before harvest. There has been some difficulty with the less than 1% results.

Ans: Generally, labs use 2 types of machines to test cannabis and Hemp, a Gas Chromatography or also called (GC) for hot testing and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography or (HPLC) for cold testing.

Our test kits are Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) or sometimes called HPTLC, but they are all Chromatography type testing (see independent study of the 3 types of testing on our website)

We have had many reviews from media like High Times and we have had PhD teachers teach hands on classes using our test kits in their own labs using pre tested samples for their students and all these comparisons and test from different “qualified” labs have shown our test kits to be no more than 1% difference in results.

Also TLC  will give you consistent results based on the pre-determined sample weight we provide you.

Ans: Yes we are UNODC, USP, cGMP, FDA, and Health Canada compliant, suggested for many types of legal testing in the current California Cannabis product testing laws, certified  world wide.

Ans: The chemical manufactures states 9-12 months, chemicals should be kept in a dark cool place like a closet.

Ans: No, each state requires their own testing laws and the required way they pesticides and solvents tested.

Ans: No, but if your state or country  does not require you to go to a lab for testing visible inspection for mold and tricomes,

A usb microscope will give you a good photo or video of mold and tricomes  . required in many states.

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