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Welcome to TLC Lab Supply - a subsidiary of R Green Services

We have been selling thin layer chromatography testing kits and supplies since 2008. You can test plant materials for potency in oils, edibles, tinctures and more. We also carry a complete line of lab accessories including a complete TLC mini lab. Our products are in full compliance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, Health Canada, FDA approved and cGMP-compliant. We sell to Research Developers, Retailers, Product Producers, Universities, Individuals, Laboratories, Breeders, Hemp growers, Governments and Small Business World Wide.

For the second year in a row, we have been awarded the Prestigious Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Award for the Best Cannabis/Hemp Testing Kits from 2019-2021

TLC Lab Supply has also recently been included in the latest current reports for the future of the Global TLC Test Kit Market from these market research future analyst services, Global 3D Radar Market, Stock Market Vista, Techno Weekly, i Research, Markets Research, Decisive Market Insights, Global Market Vision, Biz News, for being one of the " Top Players Influencing " the data expectations, revenue, supply chain analysis and more for Thin Layer Chromatography Testing Kits (TLC) for 2020-2027. We are one of the few TOP INTERNATIONAL TLC Testing Kit manufacturers in the world for testing cannabis and hemp.

Thin Layer Chromatography, CTK Test Kits -3 kits available

Thin Layer Chromatography testing has been used in labs for years. It is taught in many University chemistry courses. This test is in full compliance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization concerning the safety and quality of medicinal plant materials.(WHO/PHARM/92.559). cGMP-compliant and U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Certified (USP) / FDA approved. This kit test for THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV and more in your cannabis products or plant material. Our kits always have the freshest supplies, and are unique to any other kit on the international market today. In some cases, laboratories are now using our kits with their GC and HPLC machines when testing edibles and oils, with an easy to use fully custom written manual, sample charts giving you up to 100% sample comparison values for oils, edibles and more. We are always available for questions and have sold thousands of tests. We include both a 1-3 ml plastic pipette and a 1-3 ml syringe to put your fluids into the reaction tubes and to put your fluids into the developing jar whichever is easiest for your use.

Update: Client feedback has shown that some products like honey, cream based or any heavy base mixed substances take time to go up the micro capillary tubes and at times have created a small clog in the micro capillary tubes which come with the kits, were as the Variable Pipette takes no time to transfer thick samples from the reaction tube to the tlc plate and has not clogged the pipette tips. So we strongly suggest purchasing a Variable Pipette (it comes with 100 tips) for testing any thick based products, it will replace the micro capillary tubes in your kit. Almost all our business clients end up purchasing this item, they save time and are very accurate. (It is currently included in kits # 2 & # 3 and the mini lab kit

FREE SHIPPING in the USA & PUERTO RICO on all products

GHP News has Awarded TLC Lab Supply Best Medical Marijuana Testing Kit For 2019-2021

Pick your kit below

CTK Refill Kits 3 Kit Sizes Available

FREE SHIPPING in the USA & PUERTO RICO on all products

You must purchase a test kit before refill kits are available

Refill kit #4 (10) tlc plates 40-50 test

Refill kit #5 (20) tlc plates 80-100 test

Refill kit #6 (25) tlc plates 100-125 test (very basic developing kit)

Please let us know if you need micro capillary tubes in your order (in the comment section during checkout) if you own a variable pipette you do not need them and we will include Pipette tips. Please let us know which one of these you need in your refill kit.

Refill Kits Include ( expect kit #6 )

tlc plates

1 dye bottle

1 bottle developing, extraction Fluids

Micro caps or variable pipette tips



Plastic Pipette

Extraction tubes

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$35.00 Shipping to Canada

$55.00 Shipping International

Variable Pipettes .5-10 ul

When using the cannabis test kit #1 ( test kits 2 & 3 have the variable pipette included in the kits) you will be using the included micro capillary tubes and bulb to transfer the sample from the extraction tube (plastic test tube) to the TLC plate.

Using the 2ul micro capillary tubes takes a little time, for the sample to go up the tube and to put it on the plate which is not a problem an is used a lot for personal testing, some client feed back suggests some heavy creams and oils may clog the glass tubes and if you are planning on doing a lot of testing then for fast and accurate transferring of fluids from test tubes to tlc plates most labs use a "variable pipette" which by setting the amount of fluid to be extracted (using the top of the knob), can easily pull the exact amount of fluid needed (in our case 2ul or 4ul) from the extraction tube and quickly drop the sample on to the plate with the push of the button, also has tip ejector for quick change applications and an ergonomic handle for long term use. Directions for use are included in box.

EXAMPLE only read the directions with your unit using a Variable Pipette:

Pipette Tips -.5-10 ul (1000) Bag

Bag of extra tips for Variable pipette 0.5-10ul estimated 1000 tips per bag


Mini-Centrifuges Features:

NOTE: Due to the high cost of shipping we do not sell this item outside of the USA


2 Styles to choose from

  • Meteor- Maximum speed 7200 rpm/2680xg (A full 7200 rpm )
  • Sciloex Maximum speed 5000 rpm
  • Supplied with an 8 place 1.5/2.0ml micro tube rotor and PCR rotor
  • Compact design
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Ideal for quick spin downs of micro tubes and PCR tubes
  • Great for substances that may be hard to mix with the extraction fluid - some baked goods, products infused with other liquids, etc. will combine faster in the micro test tubes that come in the kits.
  • Simply close the lid for acceleration and open the lid for deceleration, or use the on/off switch
  • Universal voltage
  • NOTE: We will send what color is available at the time, colors vary you may get blue, green, yellow or grey we cannot select you a certain color
Max. Speed/RCFxg:7200 rpm/2680 xg or 5000rpm
Capacity:8 x 1.5/2.0ml micro tubes. (8 x 0.5/8 x 0.2ml tubes using adapters)
Run Time:On /Off switch or push lid down to start lift lid up to turn off
Dimensions:(W) 6 × (L) 6 × (H) 5 inches
Weight:2.1 lbs


  • Photo similar to product
  • This is a small accurate pocket scale for weighing plant material and products; it is the best for the money we could find. If you want a certified ISO laboratory grade scale they are very expensive we have them available if needed, contact us for details. We work with the distributor of Amston Scale to provide us with the best pocket scale available for the price.
  • Size: 4" x 2.5 " estimated weight measurement: 100g x 0.01g
  • Weigh in grams, ounces, grains, carats, troy ounces, and pennyweight.
  • Displays grains with 1 decimal in 0.2 grain increments.
  • Highly visible display with back light.
  • Includes a slide on cover/weighing tray.
  • Includes balance weight
  • 0.1 of a gram- 100mg 0.05 of a gram- 50mg

Microscopes USB Digital

Great little USB digital microscope for the money

Offers 10X-200X Magnification ratio, captures 2MP still images, streams and records live videos. The stand really helps in keeping the image stable when you take a photo or video, most comparable microscopes have short stands that do not stay stable and are hard to keep in focus, we tried a lot of them before deciding on this model.
Ultra-clear image processing technology provides excellent image and video quality
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS (driver free) 10.6 or above NOT WINDOWS 8 User-friendly software provides advanced editing, processing and measuring features
Metal stand and built-in white 8-LED light.


Similar to Photo

4 Piece Mini Lab Package


This is a perfect start up mini lab; many areas in the USA, Canada and other countries do not have labs available for testing products in their local areas. Our kits have been used in many labs in conjunction with GC and HPLC machines but many clients have also started small labs without other testing equipment, and have been performing with consistent accurate.

When you add a microscope for mold, a variable pipette for fast accurate sample transfer and a balanced scale for precise sample weight you are in business for less than the cost of 6 cannabis test done in a average machine equipped lab. This kit includes Kit # 3 with 80-100 tests.

Limited Time Special

4 Piece Discount Package:

Test Kit # 3 (80-100 test)

1- Variable Pipette 0.5-10ul + 100 tips

1- Scale 100g x 0.1g

1-USB Digital Microscope

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