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The cost effective and best result : thc test kits

Posted by TLC Lab Supply on Jun-07-23 with 0 Comments

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) THC testing kits are easy to use and produce accurate results. Our cannabis testing kits follow WHO recommendations for the safety and purity of medicinal plant materials, as well as cGMP-compliant and USP-certified medicine standards, which are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. More than 140 countries use these products. With our Cannabis test kits, you’ll be using a demonstrated testing process that has been used for years by several governments to test a variety of narcotics. Our Cannabis CBD and THC test kits are a cost-effective approach to getting precise, consistent results.

Plant materials, oils, snacks, and tinctures are all testable in these Cannabis /Hemp testing kits. Any item containing more than 1% cannabinoid will be visible on the TLC plate, a superb CBD, THC power test kit for all types of cannabis products that have been used all over the world for years. Because of their simplicity, our kits are the best for analyzing a variety of compounds in cannabis.

Cannabis is utilized for medical and recreational purposes. In such situations, if the test findings for cannabis power and quality are inaccurate, the case may yield appropriate results. Despite the fact that the goods have been evaluated in hospitals, there is no guarantee that the cannabis products will be effective. You should be aware that the potency of medicine is determined by the testing methods used. Varying testing methodologies yield different potency results, it is acknowledged.

The Office of Controlled Substances, Health Canada, advised us that a TK number is not necessary for the use of our test kits in Canada after assessing our application for a TK permit, we ship to Canada on a regular basis.

These are “Thin Layer Chromatography” testing kits designed exclusively for Marijuana/Hemp products, often known as HPTLC. The University of Leiden confirmed it as a clear and recorded product.


THC, THCV, CBG, CBNV, CBD, and other chemicals found in medicinal marijuana are all visually indicated in this kit. Optical indicators are used to test for THC percentage, as well as acids and contaminants.


The THC test kits are a useful step toward creating a balanced product since they allow breeders and product makers to inspect their products during production and provide a backup to laboratory testing.

Here are some of the instructions that will be included with the kit:

  • You’ll get step-by-step instructions with photographs of each stage.
  • You get all of the reaction chambers and liquids, as well as the developing jar, capillary tubes, and other supplies needed to complete the tests.
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