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HEMP the Plant that has become a farm product, regulated under the FDA rather than a Drug Enforcement -DEA regulated product

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                                Let’s face it does anybody know? Do you know what Hemp or Marijuana is?

The present USA laws state that Hemp is an industrial as well as medical farm plant and not a type of Marijuana plant. It was titled illicit previously by the federal government based on the false statement that Hemp also contained high levels of THC which is commonly found in Marijuana plants which is still a federally illicit Class-1 narcotic still even though with a medical license one can purchase high THC products legally in many parts of the USA.

The reality is a bit different. Hemp contains a lot less THC which has a bigger potency in a Marijuana plant and varies from plant to plant as does CBD in Hemp

Today, there are at least 40-70 potential medial cannabinoids in Marijuana plants and around 140 cannabinoids altogether in a single Marijuana plant. So, which plant will come out as the leader? Neither of them! They both have the same DNA structure so the fact that both plants have the same DNA, the government will have to decide how to approach these legal and confusing issues on a national level.

Hemp & Marijuana – Benefits of Both Plants

Hemp is a Marijuana plant that naturally creates a very small amount of THC. The plant creates its own balance of cannabinoids. If the plant contains higher CBD content, then the THC will be lower in the plant. It is great news for CBD product producers and manufacturers to find a plant with little THC. It’s a big plus point for them since most of the state presently requires less than 1% THC in any CBD products at this time produced.

On the other hand, the Marijuana plant grows as a male and female version and you can’t determine which it will be until it has grown for most of its life.

This is one of the reasons female Marijuana plants get cloned to create more female plants rather than start with the seed and wait for weeks to determine if it is female or male. Remember, female Marijuana plants have a high THC level which is why more people want it for recreational use, males do not.

Testing Is a Must for any Cannabis Plant or Product before use. Most legal countries and all states require cannabis testing to determine whether or not Cannabis products have high THC content. Most cannabis products should be tested legally to determine if you have less than 1% THC to be considered a legal CBD product. Testing of THC and CBD potency in all cannabis products before use is a common sense approach to determine the best use for your products or plant material.

There are labs installed with Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, and Thin Layer Chromatography. These are the three most commonly used cannabis testing methods followed worldwide depending on the testing choice.

TLC Lab Supply has been offering certified, THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN testing kits and supplies for testing cannabis plant materials and products worldwide. Testing of marijuana and Hemp using our TLC marijuana home test kit ensure consistent result and accuracy. Our cannabis testing kit is extremely affordable and is used by several industries currently.

Hemp-based products have successfully entered the retail industry and are now advertised frequently by pharmaceutical industries. If you are a grower or working in the cannabis industry; you need to be ready for a great opportunity! Get ready to test your cannabis products for accuracy in potency and consistency.

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