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Finding Mold & Trichomes using an inexpensive Microscope in Cannabis & Hemp

Posted by TLC Lab Supply on Jul-30-19 with 1 Comments


Mold is found on the flower tops (or buds) of marijuana and hemp plants. It is created when water is sitting on the plants and the sun or heat lamps shine on it which creates a visible black substance on the plant material. A lot of outside growers do not have the ability to control the amount of water that hits a plant. If it is rain or overhead watering this is not uncommon in larger grow sites, especially toward the fall for outside plants, rain is not unusual for that time of year. A lot of growers will go out after a rain and use a leaf blower to blow the water off the plants to avoid mold, but on larger plants it still can cause a problem so using a small USB Digital Microscope to find mold is the perfect solution.

It can be done while the plants are still in the ground. You can save photos of your results on a computer screen, tablet or phone; you can take photos or video and show them to your clients or keep them for future proof of your testing results. Any time you water an outside crop during a hot day you have the potential of sitting water on the plants and that also will promote mold, so it is advisable to check during your later stages of growing. Also indoor humidity will cause mold even if the plants are not continually watered so it is wise to routinely check for mold during any cannabis growing, it is also required in many states to have a mold check prior to any retail sales, This is done a lot times by using labs with  a 24 hour petri dish test  which takes time and  is costly. Some states require a lab test  but many just require that  you test for mold it is not required to go to  a lab to do this, a visible photo from the microscope has been sufficient in many states and our usb microscopes seem to be doing a good job we have had no negative feedback over the last 10+ years.

Spider Mites and Russet Mites these little critters can show up at any time  if you do not stay on top of your grow site, they are very small and at times hard to see until it is too late, again this is where our usb microscope comes in very handy to  help prevent these critters before they become destructive to your crop.


Trichomes are tiny hairs that emerge from the surface of the buds, stalks, stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. Many growers up until recently did not even pay any attention to them, know they are seen as a way to determine the best time to harvest your crop. They start to be very visible toward the end of the growing cycle and are now used by many as the way to get the highest potency of whatever you are growing, Hemp or Cannabis. Each grower has their own idea when it is the best time to harvest their crop. Again, this little usb microscope will show you on your computer screen great shots of the trichomes up close and very clear so you can pick the exact time to harvest your crop. It is also great to show clients their trichomes magnified and with very clear photos. Below is an example of magnified trichomes.

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