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Mobile Lab Testing – Coming To Your Area Soon

Posted by TLC Lab Supply on Jun-29-18 with 0 Comments

The next step in cannabis testing is getting consistent results of your growing methods and results on-site or in your own mobile lab. Gas Chromatography and HP Liquid Chromatography machines are almost impossible to move around not to mention they all need electricity to run. With our testing kits and supplies from TLC Lab Supply, you perform accurate reliable testing results of plants and products from cannabis for the % of THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and more. YES, there is a proven method called Thin Layer Chromatography, that when cannabis and cannabis products are tested with our kits will provide an accurate % of each of these substances in anything that has more than 1 % cannabinoid in it, will show results on our TLC plates. Great for Hemp growers that want to make sure they are BELOW 1% (it will show a blank space on the TLC plate where a THC marker would be).

Great for all product producers who are in the middle of creating products and do not want to spend the time or money to use a lab every time they want to make a new product or change one, they can test right on the spot and have resulted in around 30 minutes.

Want a new line of work, start a mobile lab or if you are currently in the cannabis product production business this is something you cannot afford to do without.

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