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Basics That You Should Know About Marijuana Testing

Posted by TLC Lab Supply on Feb-06-18 with 1 Comments

At a time when medical marijuana is getting accepted in our society, it is fair to know the compounds which make up this unique plant. Marijuana or cannabis is one of the most talked about plant substances of our times. From fighting to legalize it to getting it available on the shelf of your neighborhood store, there have been several conversations about it. In the end, it is all about the consumption and the medical benefits marijuana hides. We are TLC Lab Supply  and we sell TLC ( Thin Layer Chromatography testing kits for THC, and CBD testing and  are dedicated to providing you an affordable yet accurate marijuana THC, CBD, CBG, CBN testing kit. So, what is it all about?

Marijuana CBD testing is an important step in knowing about the cannabinoids that will be used for the medical marijuana products.

What is CBD?

When we talk about cannabis, we should understand the compounds, which make it a unique plant. Cannabinoids are compounds which give cannabis plant its qualities. Though there are more than 80 cannabinoids present in marijuana, 2 of the most popular ones are THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for giving you the “happy high”. CBD, the second well-known cannabinoid is the one which has the most medicinal qualities. CBD or cannabidiol, with all its medical benefits, doesn’t offer a psychotropic effect. In fact, it lessens the effect of THC in the plant, as one   is more the other becomes less in plant material. For patients, looking for a relief from health issues like inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, psychosis, and many more, CBD is the cannabinoid of choice.

What are the test methods?

There are 3 commonly used methods for marijuana CBD testing – GC, HPLC, HPTLC. Out of the three, HPLC or High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography is the most popular lab test. The other methods Gas Chromatography and High Performing Thin Layer Chromatography are closely followed by. Though, at the root, three of them are almost similar owing to the use of silica to separate the cannabinoids from one another, there is a distinctive characteristic of each of the method that makes them unique. GC and HPLC are lab methods and hence, on the exorbitant side. HPTLC, however, is a method of marijuana CBD testing that works well at an affordable cost. Our test kits are based on HPTLC and are a practical for everyone starting from the breeders to the medicine manufacturers.

Since the consumption of medical marijuana is gaining traction, we should make it a point to get all the products tested. Marijuana CBD testing will help breeders and Hemp can see how low their  THC is while still getting a CBS result and medicine manufacturers know the quantity of CBD present in the strain. This will result in a better and more accurate medicine production.

Our marijuana testing kits are a worldwide approved product that helps everyone associated with medical marijuana. Get in touch with us  to know more.

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