What is really going on in the Cannabis/Hemp World

TLC Lab Supply

First for the sake of argument we are going to assume that Cannabis and Hemp are made from the same DNA and are therefore the same plant.

Hemp that grows and produce a different strain of Cannabis that does not generally produce a high THC delta 9 % type of cannabinoid in its un manipulated form like Marijuana, and the seed that was used was breed for growing medical hemp rather than rope or other types of hemp plants.

FYI: The Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp paper and the USA grew government Hemp for years for rope and other products.

That being said the USA government has currently no one that actually is trying to understand the global economics or the large GNP this will turn out to be for the U.S. in the future, or do they have any real interest and will not until our own scientist, which got the OK to study Hemp recently because know it is under the FDA.

Their government contracts will remain in place for their other studies were in the case of a class one substance Marijuana, the DEA will still currently forfeit their grants.

Studies of these substances will benefit the industry, USA studies by the government will make products more expectable and used to promote more products techniques which produce better products and global sales.

There is a large global market of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and Hemp products, we provide testing kits to them so we know and they are going to be importing to the USA many products and plant material in the very near future.

We live in a time of a wild west industry, using a lot of money to try and streamline an industry, that is still trying to figure out what works and what does not, plus the state by state ever changing laws create confusion and investment concerns.

We feel that regardless of what comes down the line, regulated standardized inexpensive testing of anything Hemp or Cannabis related will be the industry that will always be in demand, it will be mandatory and the one thing everyone will have to do regardless of what they grow or product they produce. Unfortunately, since there are no USA standardized testing laws currently on the books, labs vary in results for many reasons. But the result is an uneven testing industry with very little oversite or real standard rules for testing any cannabis substances which has led to an unspoken problem that no one in the industry wants to really address.

There have been some small efforts like 3rd party testing required is some states and Registered Hemp growers must use a DEA approved lab if they can find one, but that is really not addressing the problem of consistent product testing results at the laboratory level and with imports of Hemp and Hemp/Cannabis products now coming from other countries testing is more critical than ever.

For over the last 13+ years we have had a Chromatography testing kit for these products that use a pre–designated sample weight that if used correctly, will give you consistent results of whatever plant material or products made from plant materials you are testing and will cost you around $8.00 usd. or less per test.

It is very mobile and has been certified FDA, USP, cGMP, UNODC and Health Canada Approved, this is Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) which is easy to use and taught in many college classes. These kits will test for CBG, CBN, CBD, THC. THCv and more in each sample. TLC Lab Supply has been in business for over 13 years selling worldwide TLC testing kits and supplies and is known as a leader in the industry.

Hopefully the testing industry will get it together in the near future and push for government testing standards in the way each sample is tested should be the same results from state to state. Our test kits are used in some labs in conjunction with their GC and HPLC machines depending on the substance that needs to be tested.

Visit the website for a ton of information and a instructional video including an independent study of the difference of testing results using the 3 major types of Chromatography testing GC, (Gas Chromatography) HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)  also  visit our online store.