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High Times Article Regarding THC Test Kits

Posted by TLC Lab Supply on Oct-11-17 with 0 Comments

The High Times is one of the most reputed magazines regarding marijuana. Founded in 1974 by Tom Forçade, the magazine has been giving out fantastic information on marijuana usage and counterculture. It was an absolute honor when they tried our THC test kit and reviewed it. This page enlists some key points from the article they posted about us.

The writer of the article A.J. Herrington starts off saying about the potency variation in various cannabis strains. Then, he goes on to explain the importance of potency when it comes to medical marijuana. Unless you have the access to authorized cannabis from an MMJ dispensary, it might be tough to get tested marijuana products for use. In case weed is legal in your state, you can go up to the commercial lab to get the cannabis tested. However, he writes, “But lab tests can be costly, running about $40 or more for each potency analysis.” This is the issue at hand and our test kits can serve as a solution to it. The purpose, according to the writer, for the testing of our kits was, “My goal was to compare the results I obtained from the home testing options for THC and CBD potency, with the lab results provided by PharmLabs, to see if they were consistent. “ PharmLabs is a San Diego cannabis testing facility whose test results were considered as a reference point in this case.

We are glad that The High Times went the distance to write about the usage and results obtained by using our test kit. Have a look at what the writer says about the kits. Here’s an excerpt from the write-up:

Our kits are available for $160 and can be used to test up to 25 samples. Though the writer of The High Times article tested flowers, you can use any product to test. In fact, our TLC-based kit is one of the best for testing edibles.

We are glad that High Times got in touch with us and tried out our testing option. Connect with the magazine to stay updated about marijuana or cannabis news from all over.

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