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THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG thin layer chromatography (TLC) test kits for testing products in Vape Cartridges. Vape cartridges are good for creating almost any mix and potency of cannabis plant material converted to products for reactional and medical use, with these cartridges you can create any balance or mix that you like, I have seen 50% CBD,- 20% THC and balance in Terpenes in one vape pen cartridge.

I have seen 93% THC and 1% CBD and a balance in terpenes in one vape cartridge.

All these products had labels and say they were tested by qualified labs in their areas, I find some of these claims hard to believe and I confess, I have not had the time to run tests to validate their labeled % of potency but looking forward to it in the near future.

But this can create a great 3rd party testing lab or for a small business that finds themselves in a situation where the client is disputing the findings the dispensaries are telling them, not to mention buying a ½ gm vape cartridge for $25-$55.00 saying it has reactional cannabis at a 93% rate I would want to test it.

We see the vape pen replacing the paper rolled plant material “joint for its convince, lack of smell or smoke (compared to a normal “hit” from a rolled product)

Also, you can mix any substance together and put it in one of the current cartridges easily available that are either 1 gram or ½ gram which amounts to the exact sample weight needed to test accurately using our certified THC, and CBD test kits. Our sample weight for consistency results from the same sample is 100 mg = 1 gram or 50 mg= 1/2 gram same weight as vape cartridges. So in this case whatever you mix in our test tubes ( reaction tubes)  that sample will weigh out perfectly for the vape cartridge + you get an accurate reading of each sample in the test tube that is  1%  or more of each cannabinoid.

Also, the contents of the cartridge other than terpenes to keep the main product liquid smokable varies which is a problem. Glycerin which is commonly used in tobacco products to keep the tobacco burning is carcinogenic and is unfortunately used in vape cartridges for cannabis products also this is a big issue that has not been addressed, so what should we use in the vape cartridges besides cannabis products to keep us safe when smoking these reactional and medical vape cartridges?

A lot of the oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and other edible oils which are used in CBD medicines cannot be smoked in a vape pen so the question is what is the best mix for your cannabis products for an easy-to-smoke but healthy additive to you cannabis CBD or THC vape pen cartridges.

Currently, the terpenes if tested correctly and used in the correct amounts seems to be the currently best and safest mixing product for your cartridge.

So test your cannabis substances first with our kits to determine the % of each cannabinoid in your original sample then add your mixing substance and test again and that will give you a % amount of how much actual medicine is in your 1 gm or ½ gram cartridge.

Who Should Use Marijuana Home TLC Test Kits on Your Products

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TLC Lab Supply featuring TLC Marijuana test kits has been in the news lately. These test kits are mainly used to determine the potency and quality of marijuana products. Many people use our cannabis test kits for testing the potency of cannabis samples. Great for testing your cannabis products at home or workplace, using our THC test kits.

Many cannabis products have been tested in big laboratories, but due to the unavailability of drug testing laboratories in some areas, the expensive lab charges, and the lack of consistent results, many individuals have preferred to test their samples on their own through THC, and CBD test kits. Below we have listed some categories of individuals, who greatly appreciate the use of our marijuana testing kits.

  • Medical marijuana patients – If you are a medical marijuana patient, then our THC test kits are perfect for you. It is very important to consume only medical cannabis drugs as needed. Buy our marijuana test kits today and start testing the potency of your products before consuming them.
  • Cannabis producers – Being a cannabis producer, you are solely responsible for the quality of marijuana products. To ensure a good product in the marketplace, you need to supply good quality cannabis to start with. You can use our marijuana test kit for determining whether the quality of your product meets the market standards or not.
  • Marijuana consumers –There is no guarantee about the quality of marijuana when you buy the products from street vendors or dispensaries. To avoid the consumption of low-grade cannabis, it is highly suggested to test the quality of the drug with our THC, and CBD test kits.

Accurate results and easy to use

Our THC test kit ensures high accuracy and is very simple to use. With the help of our instruction manual, anyone can learn the complete testing procedure and can test the cannabis samples without any hassle. Simply order our cannabis test kits online today and start testing the quality and potency of marijuana products you will get consistent results based on the sample weight.

For more information about the configuration and working of our marijuana test kit, talk with our experts now, or e-mail us at

3 Significant Benefits of Using TLC Marijuana Testing Kits

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Marijuana testing kits are gradually gaining popularity in many regions of the United States. Both cannabis growers and medical marijuana patients highly appreciate the use of THC test kits. With the help of these test kits, it is feasible to determine the actual presence of cannabinoids in cannabis products.

The cannabis testing kits work on the principle of Thin Layer Chromatography and are in full compliance with the safety standards of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia Convention, Food and Drug Association, and World Health Organization. The use of THC test kits involves no science education at all. Any individual can do the cannabis test with these testing kits, without any prior scientific knowledge.

Well, there are a number of advantages to using marijuana testing kits. With these kits, you can test the potency and composition of cannabis products with great ease. Below here, some significant benefits of using marijuana test kits have been discussed in detail.

  • Gives accurate and reliable results– When you can get accurate test results with a THC test kit, there is no need to go to those big laboratories. Compared to GP and HPLC testing principles, HPTLC is very impressive and useful. Even many laboratories in the United States use these THC test kits (HPTLC principle) in conjunction with GC and HPLC testing techniques to ensure correct and accurate test results. You can quickly determine the % of cannabinoids in cannabis through these small test kits. For medical marijuana patients, it is highly recommended to buy a THC test kit online and test the potency of the drug at home.
  • Very easy to use if you think, it’s difficult to use the THC, and CBD test kits, then you are wrong. The test kit includes TLC plates, coloring dye, plastic reaction tubes, micro-capillary tubes, a pipette, color charts, a spray bottle, protective gloves, a butane lighter, and all other things which are necessary for testing the cannabis samples. The marijuana testing kits are portable in size; thus, you can use them at your convenience. The English instruction manual is e-mailed with your USPS tracking number once you place an order. For a better understanding of the working of the THC test kit, you need to read the instruction manual thoroughly, there are pictures next to each step and a full video on our first website page.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving– You can buy test kits online at affordable pricing. Compared to big laboratories’ expenses, THC test kits are very cost-effective to use. You can use these kits any time during your growing period and can test the cannabis (including Hemp) samples in a very short time. By using THC test kits, you can greatly save your time as well as money.

Marijuana testing kits are highly recommended for individuals, who find it difficult to locate cannabis testing laboratories in nearby areas. You can easily order the test kits online and start testing the cannabis samples at your workplace or home.

Many clients have opened their own labs just using our test kits without expensive equipment with great success over the years.

Check our online store today and order the THC test kit as per your requirements.


Why is It Important to Determine which Cannabinoids are present in your Marijuana substances

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Do you know more than 80 varieties of cannabinoids are present in cannabis products? All these cannabinoids together contribute to the overall potency of the drug. THC (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the main components, which affects the potency and effects produced by cannabis. Because of THC, marijuana sometimes may cause consumers to experience mind-altering effects.

For medical marijuana patients, it is recommended to consume cannabis with lower levels of THC. Thus testing THC and CBD in cannabis is essential for medical patients. Apart from THC, CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBN (Cannabinol) and CBG also affect the potency of cannabis. The only realistic way to determine cannabis potency is to measure the % of cannabinoids in it. If you have accurate data about the presence of cannabinoids in marijuana, you can easily justify its potency.

Every cannabinoid has different effects on the human body. To understand the role of cannabinoids in cannabis, let’s have an in-depth look at how they influence the body.

  • THC (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychotropic and analgesic effects of cannabis. In simple words, it sharpens the mind and enhances critical thinking ability. THC is mainly known for its pain relief, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, appetite-stimulating, anti-epileptic, and anti-emetic benefits. It also improves the sensory functions in the body, including color sensitivity, hearing, sight, and sometimes sexual enhancement. All these cannabinoids’ effects depend on the % of THC present in the cannabis. Thus, testing THC in cannabis is the first thing, you need to do before consuming the drug.
  • CBN (Cannabinol) – CBN is known for its mild psychoactive and sedative effects on the human body. It is three times stronger than aspirin and is often termed a non-narcotic analgesic. This cannabinoid is a breakdown of THC, so directly influences the potency of cannabis products. Oxygen plays a vital role in increasing the % of CBN in marijuana. The longer the cannabis is stored (aging), the more will be the percentage of CBN.
  • CBD (Cannabidiol)– This is a THC antagonist, which balances the psychoactive effect of THC. Thus, the presence of CBD is very much necessary in cannabis. It acts as a neuroprotective anti-oxidant. To determine whether CBD can reduce the effects of THC, testing THC in Cannabis is an important task.

    Apart from these three main cannabinoids, the presence of THV, CBG, and CBC also highly contributes to the potency of cannabis. You can easily measure the presence of these cannabinoids with the help of a THC test kit. There is no need to visit big laboratories for simple potency testing; you can do it at your home now.

    Order the cannabis testing kit now and start testing the % of cannabinoids in marijuana, at your home or any convenient location. Make sure, that the potency of the cannabis, you are going to consume, is suitable for your body.

THC Marijuana Test Kits

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Marijuana or cannabis is widely used in many industries and by individuals as well. Now that most states in the USA have made Marijuana legal, the usage of the plant and the subsequent recreational drug use has gone up. Cannabinoids are the compound found in marijuana or cannabis. There are more than 80 types of Cannabinoids found in marijuana and each type reacts differently.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most popular cannabinoid, used for various purposes ranging from appetite stimulants to Antioxidants to drugs. Anyone who knows the marijuana plant knows that the potency can vary. The potency of Marijuana is very important for getting the desired effect. Especially, for people who are using cannabis for medical reasons need to be sure that the potency of the drug they are using is the best for the medical issues they are facing.

One of the best ways to determine the quality or the potency of the drug is through an easy-to-use testing kit. THC Testing Kits by TLC Lab Supply provides highly effective and easy-to-use marijuana testing kits for a wide range of industries and individuals. You can check the potency of your marijuana and cannabis products for the THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG levels with this kit right at home or at your workplace.

How the Kits Works

TLC is a simple, quick, and inexpensive procedure that gives a quick answer as to how many components are in a mixture. TLC is also used to support the identity of a compound in a mixture when the Rf of a compound is compared with the Rf from the colored fingerprint chart, In our case, the cannabinoids can be identified by their specific color or were they sit on the TLC plate and specific location (Rf value) and order of appearance on the plate if carried out with the solvent system from the kit, the fingerprint chart that comes with the kit, is easy to use and shows the position of were each cannabinoid sits on the TLC plate.

A TLC plate is a sheet of glass that is coated with a thin layer of a solid adsorbent, silica. A small amount of the mixture to be analyzed is spotted near the bottom of this plate. The TLC plate is then placed in a shallow pool of solvent in a developing chamber so that only the very bottom of the plate is in the liquid. This liquid, or eluent or carrier fluid, is the mobile phase, and it slowly rises the TLC plate by capillary action.

As the solvent moves, it will pass the little spot of cannabinoid-oil micro-droplet of 2 ul or 4 ul that was applied to the bottom of the plate. Equilibrium is established for each component of the mixture between the molecules of that component which are absorbed into the solid and the molecules which are in solution. In principle, the components will differ in solubility and the strength of their adsorption to the adsorbent, and the other components will be carried farther up to the plate than the others. When the solvent has reached the top of the plate, the plate is removed from the developing chamber, and dried (ventilation!). After drying, the separated components (cannabinoids) now separated in the silica plates, will be visualized by spraying the plate with a dye. The dye is highly specific for cannabinoids. Every principal cannabinoid will display its color! THC: wine red, CBD: bright yellow, CBG: orange, CBN: violet, etc.

If the substance has more than 1% of THC or any cannabinoid in it then it will show in the plates. An instructional video is on our 1st page of the website

Who can use it

Marijuana and cannabis are used in various industries including Agriculture, Food Processing, Cosmetics, Horticulture, Medical, Pharmacology, Dietary Supplements, and many more. Most industries use it for various purposes like medicines, improving the quality of the seeds, and various other things.

Lab testing is usually very expensive and can take a lot of time for results. These kits allow the users to test the substance at their location with a very little amount of sample. The kit has been designed by the Health Organization guidelines. It’s completely safe and legally accepted worldwide. These Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Test Kits also comply with the U.S. Pharmacopoeia Convention Certified USP’s drug standards under the FDA.

A THC test kit is the best way to determine the potency of marijuana products and the ease of using it makes the kit the best option. You can choose from our various kit sizes all our prices are affordable and reasonable, we have been in business for 9+ years and have kept our price the same and currently, we provide FREE shipping in the USA and Puerto Rico.