3 Significant Benefits of Using TLC Marijuana Testing Kits

Marijuana testing kits are gradually gaining popularity in many regions of the United States. Both cannabis growers and medical marijuana patients highly appreciate the use of THC test kits. With the help of these test kits, it is feasible to determine the actual presence of cannabinoids in cannabis products.

The cannabis testing kits work on the principle of Thin Layer Chromatography and are in full compliance with the safety standards of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia Convention, Food and Drug Association, and World Health Organization. The use of THC test kits involves no science education at all. Any individual can do the cannabis test with these testing kits, without any prior scientific knowledge.


Well, there are a number of advantages to using marijuana testing kits. With these kits, you can test the potency and composition of cannabis products with great ease. Below here, some significant benefits of using marijuana test kits have been discussed in detail.

  • Gives accurate and reliable results– When you can get accurate test results with a THC test kit, there is no need to go to those big laboratories. Compared to GP and HPLC testing principles, HPTLC is very impressive and useful. Even many laboratories in the United States use these THC test kits (HPTLC principle) in conjunction with GC and HPLC testing techniques to ensure correct and accurate test results. You can quickly determine the % of cannabinoids in cannabis through these small test kits. For medical marijuana patients, it is highly recommended to buy a THC test kit online and test the potency of the drug at home.
  • Very easy to use if you think, it’s difficult to use the THC, and CBD test kits, then you are wrong. The test kit includes TLC plates, coloring dye, plastic reaction tubes, micro-capillary tubes, a pipette, color charts, a spray bottle, protective gloves, a butane lighter, and all other things which are necessary for testing the cannabis samples. The marijuana testing kits are portable in size; thus, you can use them at your convenience. The English instruction manual is e-mailed with your USPS tracking number once you place an order. For a better understanding of the working of the THC test kit, you need to read the instruction manual thoroughly, there are pictures next to each step and a full video on our first website page.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving– You can buy test kits online at affordable pricing. Compared to big laboratories’ expenses, THC test kits are very cost-effective to use. You can use these kits any time during your growing period and can test the cannabis (including Hemp) samples in a very short time. By using THC test kits, you can greatly save your time as well as money.

Marijuana testing kits are highly recommended for individuals, who find it difficult to locate cannabis testing laboratories in nearby areas. You can easily order the test kits online and start testing the cannabis samples at your workplace or home.

Many clients have opened their own labs just using our test kits without expensive equipment with great success over the years.

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