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THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG thin layer chromatography (TLC) test kits for testing products in Vape Cartridges. Vape cartridges are good for creating almost any mix and potency of cannabis plant material converted to products for reactional and medical use, with these cartridges you can create any balance or mix that you like, I have seen 50% CBD,- 20% THC and balance in Terpenes in one vape pen cartridge.

I have seen 93% THC and 1% CBD and a balance in terpenes in one vape cartridge.

All these products had labels and say they were tested by qualified labs in their areas, I find some of these claims hard to believe and I confess, I have not had the time to run tests to validate their labeled % of potency but looking forward to it in the near future.

But this can create a great 3rd party testing lab or for a small business that finds themselves in a situation where the client is disputing the findings the dispensaries are telling them, not to mention buying a ½ gm vape cartridge for $25-$55.00 saying it has reactional cannabis at a 93% rate I would want to test it.

We see the vape pen replacing the paper rolled plant material “joint for its convince, lack of smell or smoke (compared to a normal “hit” from a rolled product)

Also, you can mix any substance together and put it in one of the current cartridges easily available that are either 1 gram or ½ gram which amounts to the exact sample weight needed to test accurately using our certified THC, and CBD test kits. Our sample weight for consistency results from the same sample is 100 mg = 1 gram or 50 mg= 1/2 gram same weight as vape cartridges. So in this case whatever you mix in our test tubes ( reaction tubes)  that sample will weigh out perfectly for the vape cartridge + you get an accurate reading of each sample in the test tube that is  1%  or more of each cannabinoid.

Also, the contents of the cartridge other than terpenes to keep the main product liquid smokable varies which is a problem. Glycerin which is commonly used in tobacco products to keep the tobacco burning is carcinogenic and is unfortunately used in vape cartridges for cannabis products also this is a big issue that has not been addressed, so what should we use in the vape cartridges besides cannabis products to keep us safe when smoking these reactional and medical vape cartridges?

A lot of the oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and other edible oils which are used in CBD medicines cannot be smoked in a vape pen so the question is what is the best mix for your cannabis products for an easy-to-smoke but healthy additive to you cannabis CBD or THC vape pen cartridges.

Currently, the terpenes if tested correctly and used in the correct amounts seems to be the currently best and safest mixing product for your cartridge.

So test your cannabis substances first with our kits to determine the % of each cannabinoid in your original sample then add your mixing substance and test again and that will give you a % amount of how much actual medicine is in your 1 gm or ½ gram cartridge.