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Variable Pipettes .5-10 UL + 100 tips

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For the second year in a row, we have been awarded the Prestigious Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Award for the Best Cannabis/Hemp Testing Kits from 2019-2021

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When using the cannabis test kit #1, you will use the included micro capillary tubes and bulb, to transfer the sample from the reaction tube (plastic test tube) to the TLC plate. In kits 2 & 3 have a Variable pipette and the micro capillary are not included, when ordering refill kits ask for pipette tips in comment section during check out.
Using the 2ul micro capillary tubes included in the kits takes a little time, for the sample to go up the tube and to put it on the plate which is not a problem an is used by many clients for occasional testing, but client feed back has suggested that heavy substances like creams and heavy oils may clog the glass tubes and if you are planning on doing a lot of testing and a lot of your test will be 4ul hot test (which is dropping 2- 2ul drop on top of another your to get you 4ul for hot testing). For fast and accurate transferring of fluids from test tubes to tlc plates most labs use a "Variable Pipette" which by setting the amount of fluid to be extracted (using the top of the knob), you can easily pull the exact amount of fluid needed (in our case 2ul or 4ul) from the reaction tube and quickly drop the single 2 or 4ul sample on to the plate with the push of the button, it also has a tip ejector for quick change applications and a ergonomic handle for long term use.
Variable Pipette .5-10 ul -1 year manufacture warranty + 100 Free Tips
Video Example only read the directions with your unit using a Variable Pipette:

Operation Figure
1. Volume setting
The volume of the pipettor is clearly shown through the handle grip window. The delivery volume is set by turning the thumb button clockwise or counter clockwise.
2. Sealing and ejecting tips
Press the tip on the cone of the pipettor firmly to ensure an airtight seal .The tip ejector is pressed firmly downwards to ensure proper tip ejection.

1. Lightweight, ergonomic, low force design
2. Digital display clearly reads volume setting
3. The pipettes cover volume range of 0.5μl to 10ul
4. Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied
5. Design helps avoid repetitive strain injuries
6. Calibrated in accordance with ISO8655.
7. The low part is available for autoclaving
4. Compound material tip cone design allows visual seal verification
5. Can be used with “universal style” pipette tips Pipettor operation

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