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Refill Kit #6, Just the Basics,100-125 test

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CTK Refill Kit #6, Just the Basics

For our clients that only need the very basic supplies in quantity.

We have most of our products made for us directly from the manufactures for quality control, we recently have included a TLC manufacturing plate company in the USA to make us plates that will get the best possible results for our TLC test kits (not all TLC plates are the same) which will increase our ability to fill orders at our current pace and grow at the same time. We have been selling these plates in our kits for a while with great success, so we are trying this special package as a R&D project based on client request.

CTK- # 6- Basic Refill Kit, 100-125 test

25-TLC plates 4-5 test per plate (100-125 test)

Fluid – Enough for 125 extraction and developing fluid tests.

Dye - Jar with spoon lid - Enough dye for 25 TLC plates.

2- Sprayers

The above items are all this kit offers!


.. please do not ask for changes ..

This is for existing clients, institutions, labs, educators, producers, and others that currently have all the other items needed to perform the required testing that our kits offer. You must have purchased at least one of our kits before this package is available to you. For under $3.00 per test, this is a limited time offer to see if we can make shopping for our clients an even better cost-effective experience.

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