Buy Cannabis Testing Kit Online and Start your own Mini-Lab Today

There are many states in USA, Canada, and other parts of the world, where medical marijuana patients and cannabis producers find it difficult to test the potency of the marijuana products. Due to the unavailability of laboratories in the near-by areas. Doctors highly recommend that medical marijuana patients test the potency and composition of their cannabis products, before consuming them. Also cannabis producers need to know the quality/potency of the cannabis for ensuring good quality products to their customers. Even research developers are looking to understand the behaviors of cannabis strains and the cannabinoids, by testing them. However, when there is no way of testing, it leaves patients and producers at a disadvantage.

Mini Cannabis testing lab – A profitable business investment

If you are in such a region where you have no access to any cannabis testing laboratory,  or you feel that the results from the  nearby testing labs  are not accurate, then it’s recommended to start a mini cannabis testing lab.

You can simply buy our complete Thin Layer Chromatography mini lab online and create a small legal laboratory. You don’t need to apply for any pharmaceutical license as there are no standard federal regulations for cannabis testing expect in your local area they may have created laws so make sure that  it  is a legal for you to start a lab  but we have clients with labs only using the testing kits worldwide. This is a good business to make some profitable income by helping individuals in need of products to be tested. Mainly, you can help the medical patients and the cannabis growers in determining the potency of cannabis products and a lot of our clients have become 3rd party testing labs and in field testers for hemp producers.

If there is no laboratory in your region, or you are not happy with your local lab results of your products. You can charge some nominal amount as per your convenience and can run your cannabis testing lab for yourself and others. No need to worry about the initial investments in setting up the lab, as the cannabis testing mini lab is available at an affordable price. All test kits and supplies are worldwide compliant, and Health Canada approved.

Order the cannabis testing kits online

In our online store, we have got a 4-piece cannabis mini lab testing kit package for you. This package includes a test kit (about 80-100 tests), a USB digital microscope, a balanced scale, and a variable pipette + 100 tips. With these four elements, you can do the cannabis testing on your own and determine the potency of the drug. Our THC test kits ensure consistent accuracy and thus are highly appreciated by our existing users. We have sold 1000’s of testing kits to our customers worldwide in the past nine years and have set a unique reputation in the market with great success.

To help you with the test, we provide an English instruction manual e-mailed to you  with your USPS tracking  number. You can also enroll in our TLC training classes to understand the principle and mechanism of our testing kits. Our THC test kits are very beneficial and easy to use, and get a certification to test your products using our thin layer chromatography testing kits and supplies.

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